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Designed to be comfortably worn for long periods of time, the AcuShield can be worn wherever you go. Whether you’re going shopping, to work, or using public transportation, you can wear this virtually anywhere! The Face Protector comes with an anti-fog coating on both the inside and outside, providing clear, direct and peripheral vision in all weather conditions.

Maximum Protection : The full-face design provides complete coverage including the sides of the face preventing all contact with eyes, mouth, and nose. This keeps a physical barrier between you and all airborne pathogens.

  • Product is disposable and not meant to be re-used indefinitely, but it can be sanitized by UV light.

  • Protective face shields are auxiliary and should be used with face masks/respirators for fully effective protection

  • Large bulk orders available for governmental and medical organizations

  • Please be aware : As this is a disposable personal product, we do not accept returns.


You cannot order more than a few of each pack size. If you would like to order more masks and you are maxed out at your quantity for a given pack size, you choose a larger package size, up to a maximum of 6x 144-packs (864x face shields). 

If you are looking to order more than 1000 units, we would be happy to help – Please contact us directly to facilitate a large bulk order :
(310) 280-6060

5920 Bowcroft St
Los Angeles, CA 90016